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March 05, 2007



a little late. but what I saw yesterday that I like are a thousand blogs with a thousand talented people amazing me with each picture. I wish I would have stumbled upon things like this sooner. Who would have known there was all this nelly, neat and artistic people just a google search away. Cool idea! Love the thistle and unicorn towel! Classic.


what I saw yesterday that I liked....a handful of vintage buttons and an old tin with cherries on it!


What I saw yesterday that I liked

Sydney lights been switched off during Earth hour...we really do care for our environment!


Wow, your banner is fabulous, I love it! What a wonderful blog you have here:)
Take care,


Okay, after I found your blog, you know I now gotta play along! Loving that unicorn...aren't those vintage prints fab?!


...I saw the cherry blossoms peaking their heads out.


That tin!

That tea towel!

Oh! Joy!

Heather Moore

This may sound awfully self-centred, but here goes anyway. I cut a new magnet in my studio yesterday and could only see how it had turned out after picking out all the negative shapes. When I'd done that, I really liked what I saw!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog header really cracked me up, and I've got a BIG soft spot for Australians now that my brother's emigrated over there!


Yesterday, my eyes were happy and inspired when...

...I saw the amazing artwork on my fav tv show HEROES.


On another note, hope things are going fine at your end [heard about the cyclone...]


...when I came across your blog and first saw that beautiful unicorn! Although that was actually today... just now in fact! But happy and inspiring none the less!


Yesterday, my eyes were happy and inspired when ...

I spotted my baby's rendering of his mommy, drawn in cheap paper, with cheaper pen. He saw me and told me: look mommy, it's you!


I'm loving your blog, dear one.

This little youtube movie made me happy and inspired yesterday...adorable girl, lovely words and make sure you watch until the end so you get to see the impressive somersault in platforms!


Also check my blog today - hopefully it'll make you smile. :)

x Helen


"Yesterday my eyes were happy and inspired when..."

I saw this wonderful picture on my friends post. It was if I was kneeling down and seeing all the details in person. Look at the veins on the front petal. How the light comes through. Inspires me to clean up my yard of all the little twigs and tidy up the winter left overs and welcome spring into an inviting space.
march 4th post- purple crocus. Just beautiful!!!


I saw the daffodils waving merrily in the breeze


Marianne has encouraged me to play...

"Yesterday my eyes were happy and inspired when..."

...i saw one happy unicorn sitting in a den,

of roses and thistles all orange and purple and red and then...

what's that i spot wrapped round his neck, why it's a belt, very much like one i wore when i was seven. (the end)

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